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Overview of Zhaga Books

Zhaga is creating a series of specifications, known as Books. Each Book defines one or more components of an LED luminaire. Such components include LED light engines, LED modules, LED drivers, LED arrays, holders, and connectivity fit systems.

Download our overview presentation: Zhaga Books overview

Books define the mechanical, photometric, electrical, thermal, and control interfaces of the component to its environment. Defining the components in this way makes them interchangeable in the sense that it is easy to replace one component with another (either at the manufacturing stage, or in the field), even if they have been made by different manufacturers.

Books by Application

The applications shown below are suggestions only. Zhaga Books do not restrict the application for which a component can be used.

More information:     Book 7     Book 14     Book 13 - LED drivers

More information:     Spot modules     Book 12     Book 16     Book 17

More information:     Book 4     Book 15     Book 18

Books by number

Book number




Current status

Book 1

General information n/a

Published (English & Chinese)

Book 2

Socketable circular

Published (English & Chinese)

Book 3

Spot modules (50-mm diameter)  

Published (English & Chinese)

Book 4

High-intensity modules for outdoor  

Published (English)

Book 5

Socketable circular module  

Published (English)

Book 6

Socketable circular LLE

Published (English & Japanese)

Book 7

Linear and square modules  

Published (English & Chinese)

Book 8

Socketable circular LLEs

Published (English & Chinese)

Book 9

Ring-shaped LES  

Published (English)

Book 10

Spot modules  

Published (English)

Book 11

Spot modules (35-mm diameter)  

Published (English)

Book 12

COB arrays  

Published (English)

Book 13

Drivers n/a

Published (English)

Book 14 Socketable linear LLEs Published (English)
Book 15 Modules to fit with lens arrays   Published (English)
Book 16 Planar circular LLEs Published (English)
Book 17 Spotlight LLEs Published (English)
Book 18 Connectivity socket n/a Approved