"Zhaga-NFC" certification

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Certify Your Zhaga-NFC Product in 3 Easy Steps


Design your product according to the applicable Book (Book 24 or 25).

The Book also contains the test criteria that will be used by the authorized test centers for verification purposes.

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Remember, to apply for certification your company must be a Zhaga regular or associate level member (or subsidiary of a member company).

Become a Zhaga member today!

After having reviewed the Zhaga Logo License Terms and Conditions, the member signs the Zhaga Logo License Agreement.


You’re ready for testing! Consult one of our Authorized Test Centers for information on testing procedures and the quoting process. Remember, the test center must be accredited for the Book that your product is seeking certification from. See test centers per Book.


Choose the lab you want to work with and submit your product for testing. After testing is completed, the test center will send you a notice on whether the product complied. If the product complies, you can create your certificate directly on the Zhaga website. The product will also be listed on Zhaga’s Product Database.

If a product does not comply, take the necessary steps to update the product and then resubmit it for testing.


Details on the certification process can be found in the individual book pages and are described below.

When submitting your product for testing, you might also need to hand over Letters of Confirmation (LoC). See details in the specifications.

LoC - NFC Programmable Device

LoC - Bluetooth NFC Reader

In the following, the Zhaga-NFC certification is explained in detail for Books 24 and 25 for  Zhaga-NFC Programmable Devices and Readers respectively. Download the documents here.


 Book 24 25 NFC Certification Process Programmable Devices February 2022


Book 24 25 NFC Certification Process Readers February 2022