Why Get Zhaga Certified?


Zhaga Certification is an easy way to future-proof your luminaire by ensuring it will be able to host next generation Zhaga-D4i modules.


Confidence in Interoperability

Business Advantages

Certification is issued only after verification by independent testing.

Certified luminaires and components are available from multiple suppliers.

Certified products are traceable in public databases.

Certification provides you with an established brand.

To prevent misuse, certification logos are trademarked.


Get Your Product Certified

Ready to take advantage of all the benefits that Zhaga Certification offers? Then get your product certified today! All it takes is three easy steps.

Learn how to certify your product


Authorized Testing Centers

Testing for compliance with Zhaga specifications is conducted by an independent testing lab. A separate authorization is required for each Book.

The following labs have been authorized by Zhaga: 


Testing lab Contact Email
DEKRA Certification B.V.

Jaap Nuesink

For China: Lix Li



Intertek Testing Services

Carl Bloomfield

For China: Ilan Lin (Guangzhou)

                  Gary Yu (Hong Kong)




TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd.

Knut Boettcher

For China: Taylor Yao    



VDE Testing and Certification Institute Holger Kilb holger.kilb@vde.com
ITE Predom

Joanna Walczak-Złotkowska

For China: as above




Learn how to become a Zhaga Authorized Testing Center


The Certification Logo

Once a product has been Zhaga certified, the Zhaga Certification logo can be used. This logo, which indicates compliance with the specification, can be used on the product, its packaging, and informational leaflets.

Learn more about the Zhaga Certification Logos