Book 14:
Socketable linear LLEs

Book 14 defines a family of flat, linear, socketable LED light sources that are suitable for low-profile linear lighting. Edition 1.1 includes both LED modules (requiring a separate driver) and LED light engines (LLEs) that have integrated control gear.


The LLEs or LED modules have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. One end of the LED light source has a contact cap, which fits into the corresponding contact holder in the luminaire, while the other end has a support cap and support holder.


The intended application is in free air (i.e. the holders are not surrounded by a luminaire body), or in a luminaire that does not introduce a significant temperature increase.


October 2023: Zhaga is proud to announce that Zhaga's Book 14 has been officially designated as IEC Standard 63356-1. Read the Press Release here.