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What’s NEW about Zhaga – in a nutshell

The NEW Zhaga has gone ‘live”. Following are the major changes:

NEW Scope

Besides creating specifications for electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal interfaces for components to be used in LED luminaires, the NEW Zhaga includes interfaces for smart components such as sensors and connectivity modules in its scope. It will focus on interoperability and will open new business opportunities in digital lighting and service models.

NEW Membership category – Community membership

So far, the solutions provided by Zhaga were targeted towards lighting manufacturers. With the new scope of Zhaga we also address

Software solution company Test and certification service
System integrator Government / Local authority
Engineering & Design Service Transport authority
Distribution/Retail/Installer Energy / Utilities
Specifier/ Consultant/Contractor Building/Facilities management

NEW Benefit

So far, Zhaga specifications, called “Books” became available to the market for download after a lead-time for the Regular and Associate members. The lead-time for Regular and Associate members will continue but afterwards the books will only become available for Community members and not for the market in general.


In case of questions, please contact Axel Baschnagel, Marketing Communications, Zhaga Consortium, marcom@zhagastandard.org

About Zhaga

Zhaga is a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, including LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers) and connectivity fit systems. This helps to streamline the LED lighting supply chain, and to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing. Zhaga continues to develop specifications based on the inter-related themes of interoperable components, smart and connected lighting, and serviceable luminaires. For more information, visit www.zhagastandard.org.