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Webinar: Strategy Update

December 15th, 2016

Zhaga is considering a number of updates to our strategy, which will make us even more relevant in the evolving world of LED lighting. In this webinar, Zhaga presents these proposed changes, and invites questions and feedback from all our members and other stakeholders.

Please send your comments or feedback to Dee Denteneer, Zhaga's Secretary General.

Presentation materials

You can download the materials here: Download presentation (PPT file)

You can also view the webinar recording, using the password below: View webinar

Password: sPq3J2Wm

Please note that, for this recording, the sound starts after about 18 seconds. You will need to install the Webex plug-in so that you can view the recording.


Introducing Zhaga's updated strategy

Zhaga will continue with its central mission to simplify the design and manufacturing of LED luminaires by standardizing components such as LED light engines, LED modules and LED drivers.

However, the LED lighting industry is facing new challenges and needs to answer calls for smart and connected lighting, and for more-circular business models in which luminaires can be upgraded and serviced.

Our webinar will explain how Zhaga proposes to address these new challenges. It will also discuss ways in which we can improve the benefits of membership for all companies.