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Zhaga in the Media

Coverage of the Zhaga Consortium in the lighting-industry trade press. 


News: Zhaga transforms LED driver specification

June 2017

LED Professional

LEDs Magazine

LED Inside


Articles discuss Zhaga Books, featuring BJB and TE

Two articles in the latest issue of LED Professional magazine (Issue 61, May/June 2017) discuss several Zhaga specifications, covering components and products such as COB holders (Book 12), socketable linear LED light sources (Book 14), and the connectivity fit system for outdoor luminaires (Book 18).

News: LED Modules in the Zhaga Spotlight

LED Professional, April 2017

Also in LED Inside


News: Zhaga takes part in Lighting Industry Association's Technical Forum

Display+, January 2017

News: Zhaga approves Books 14 and 16 for LED light engines, appoints test labs

LEDs Magazine, January 2017


Interview: MechaTronix - LED Chip Designs Spur More Efficient Heat Sink Designs in High Power Applications

LEDInside, April 2016

News: Zhaga Releases Book 12 on COB LED Arrays

March 2016

LED Inside

EE Times Europe

LEDs Magazine

Display Plus

Article: Zhaga meets Smart Lighting

LED Professional Mar/Apr 2016

At first glance, the standardization of LED lighting components seems to be quite remote from the rise of smart, connected lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT). But the projected growth in penetration of smart lighting can only be realized through developments in high-volume electronics and standardization. Such standardization is intended to remove arbitrary variations in components, making design and implementation easier for manufacturers of smart LED luminaires, and enabling a supplier ecosystem. This is where Zhaga comes in. Read the full article


Editorial: Zhaga Consortium publishes LED driver Book 13, posts compatible products data

LEDs Magazine February 2016, p28


News: LED drivers standardized in Book 13

December 2015

LEDs Magazine
News article "
Zhaga Consortium publishes LED driver Book 13, posts compatible products data" and newsletter

LED Professional
News article "
Zhaga Book 13 - LED Drivers - for Download, Certified Products Database Improved"

LED Inside

Editorial: Zhaga publishes Book 11 for 35-mm spotlight LED modules

LEDs Magazine, November/December 2015

Articles: LED Professional Special Issue on Zhaga

LED Professional Sept/Oct 2015

News: Zhaga publishes Book 11

October 2015

LED Inside

LED Professional

LEDs Magazine



Article: Standard release for lighting LED-driver interface

Electronics Weekly, July 2015

The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) has released its specification for a universal electrical interface between LED lighting modules and their power supplies. 

Zhaga will reference the MD-SIG specification in many of its new Books.

Read the complete article

Article: EBV Lighting Academy report

LED Professional Review, May/June 2015

In his function as Chair of the Zhaga Steering Committee, Arnulf Rupp from Osram GmbH gave an overview of the status and ongoing standardization activities of Zhaga. Read more

News: Zhaga Consortium Publishes Book 9 Specification

June 2015

LED Professional

LED Inside

LEDs Magazine

Editorial: Spezifikationen für LED Light engines beantworten die bedürfnisse des Lichtmarktes (German language)

Licht magazine, March 2015

Download the article (PDF file)

Interview: Zhaga specs will accelerate adoption of LEDs
in different lighting apps in India

Sourcing Electricals & Lighting magazine, Jan-Feb 2015

Download the article (PDF file)

Article: Zhaga responds to evolving requirements of LED industry

NEMA electroindustry, February 2015

Download the article (PDF file)

Article: Zhaga plans a new interchangeable-source Book including COB LEDs

LEDs Magazine, February 2015

Download the article (PDF file)


Interview: Kraig Kasler, Cooper Lighting

LightNow blog, December 2014

This detailed interview includes a section on serviceable components: "The requirement and demand for serviceable components is directly correlated to the overall cost of the LED luminaire. Of course, as the reliability of both the LED devices and LED drivers continue to improve, the need to service the LED-based products is diminished as well. A related aspect to the design of LED luminaires is the opportunity to “swap out” components in order to meet specific customer needs (i.e. color temperature, optical distributions, aesthetics, etc.). This approach is being addressed by industry groups like Zhaga, based on global, consensus standards efforts."

News: Zhaga starts work on new Book for COB LED arrays

Zhaga issued a press release on COB LED arrays in December 2014. Here is some of the press coverage:

LED Professional (ENG - Austria)

LEDs Magazine (ENG - USA)

LED in (ITA)

LED Inside (ENG - Taiwan)

Korean Lighting News (KOR)

LED News Korea (KOR)

Electronics Weekly (ENG - UK)

BizLED magazine (ENG - India)

Electronic Engineering (KOR)

Mondo Arc (ENG)

Interview: Musa Unmehopa (Portuguese language)

Lume Arquitetura. Oct/Dec 2014

Download the article (PDF file)

Webcast: Zhaga Consortium evolution - Specifying the interface between LED modules and drivers

In June 2014, LEDs Magazine hosted a webcast entitled “Zhaga Consortium evolution: Specifying the interface between LED modules and drivers.” The webcast is archived on the LEDs Magazine website.

Musa Unmehopa, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium, describes Zhaga’s intention to define the driver-module interface, as well as discussing the potential benefits in the supply chain for SSL manufacturers. Also, Unmehopa explains other future Zhaga plans including new LLE books with new LED module sizes and form factors.

Editorial: The Industry Asks – Zhaga Delivers

LED Professional Review, May/June 2014
In this guest editorial, Musa Unmehopa describes how Zhaga is continuing to respond to the evolving needs of the lighting industry through the development of new Books and by enabling independent interchangeability of LED modules and drivers.

Read the full article

Blog: A New Shape and Name for the Light Bulb

Topbulb website, June 2014

Interview: Musa Unmehopa (German language)

Highlight magazine (Germany), May/June 2014

See image, right.


News: Ya está disponible el Libro 5 de Zhaga (Spanish language)

Smart Lighting, May 2014

News: Zhaga bringt Austauschbarkeit (German language)

Lichtreport, May 2014

See image, right.

News: Zhaga Starts Work on New Books

LED Professional website, April 2014

Event Review: Busting Myths on Zhaga

LED Inside, March 2014
Members of the Zhaga Consortium clarified some of the misconceptions about Zhaga during the recent seminar at the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS).

Event Review: Seven Challenges Lighting Designers Face when Using LEDs

LED Inside, March 2014
James Wallace, Principal and Design Director of Light Plan and Director of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA), spoke at the recent TILS show in Taiwan. Interchangeability was one of the challenges that he highlighted:

"#6 - Interchangeability: Clients expect long lifetimes for LED lights that tend to last at least 30 years, making component interchangeability increasingly important. Although, Zhaga has taken steps in introducing interchangeable lights into the industry, it is not enough, said Wallace. The Australian designer noted Zhaga specifications are designed from manufacturer perspective, but not from the end-user’s perspective of interchangeability."

News: Zhaga Consortium appoints new Secretary General, expands scope to electrical

LEDs Magazine, March 2014
The Zhaga Consortium will be under new leadership effective April 1, 2014 when Musa Unmehopa takes the position of Secretary General, replacing Menno Treffers who has guided the organization since its inception. Zhaga has also announced that going forward it will develop specifications for the electrical interface between drivers and LED modules that together form an LED light engine (LLE) allowing independent interchange of either the LED module or driver.

News: Taiwan International Lighting Fair - Zhaga first came to Taiwan (Chinese language)

chinatimes.com, March 2014

News: Xicato launches connected and Zhaga-compatible LED modules

LEDs Magazine, March 2014

Article: Zhaga and Interchangeable LED Light Sources

LED News Korea, January 2014
Download the January issue of LED News Korea (in Korean)
An overview of the Zhaga Consortium and its activities in the Korean LED lighting market.
Download the article in English or view the article in English on the Display+ website.

Article: By the Book

MondoArc, Dec 2013/Jan 2014
Download the article
An update on the work of the Zhaga Consortium, including its expanding library of LED light-engine Books.

Jul-Dec 2013

News: GE Lighting introduces LED downlight based on Zhaga modular light engine

LEDs Magazine, December 2013
The Lumination DI Series of downlights relies on the Infusion family of SSL modules that are compatible with the Book 5 Zhaga specification for socketable light engines.

Article:  LED modules advance in performance, standardization questions persist

LEDs Magazine, October 2013
Modular LED light engines can without question accelerate SSL product development, especially with the better color consistency offered today, reports LEDs Magazine editor Maury Wright, but the market remains fractured with a mix of proprietary and Zhaga-compatible products.

News: Zhaga references NEMA dimming spec for LED drivers, notes safety requirements

LEDs Magazine, October 2013
The Zhaga Consortium has formally added requirements that LED light engines with integrated control gear support the NEMA SSL 7A-2013 dimming specification and also noted that socketable modules must meet new UL safety standards.

Blog: Zhaga: interchangeability of LED modules (Spanish language)

ELT blog, July 2013
View the English version here.

Jan-Jun 2013

Interview: Menno Treffers is interviewed by New Century LED Net (Chinese language)

New Century LED Net, June 2013
In an interview conducted with a Chinese-language publication, New Century LED Net (www.ledth.com), Zhaga's Secretary-General Menno Treffers discussed issues such as whether Zhaga's specifications are complementary to Chinese regulations and standards, and how a non-compulsory specification could become widely accepted within the Chinese lighting industry.

Download the article (in English)

Guest Blog: Standardization and Testing of LED Light Sources for the Sake of Interchangeability

LED Journal, June 2013
Joseph Frederic, Primary Designated Engineer with UL, discusses the Zhaga interface specifications and discusses in detail the different interfaces that are described in order to ensure interchangeability.

News: Zhaga opens certification to more SSL Books, aligns with the GLA

LEDs Magazine, June 2013

Interview: ELECTRA magazine interviews Menno Treffers (Spanish language)

ELECTRA magazine, April 2013
Download the article (in Spanish).

Article: LEDs’ New Standard – Zhaga Consortium

Electrical Contractor magazine, April 2013
This detailed article (see preview) covers the benefits of LED source interchangeability, enabled by the Zhaga specifications.

Interview: Zhaga - A Successful Strategy for Luminaire Manufacturers

LED Professional Review, Jan/Feb 2013
Download the article.
Menno Treffers, General Secretary of the Zhaga Consortium, discusses the Zhaga Consortium’s latest activities. He explains what successful luminaire manufacturers take into account for their LED lighting strategies with the help of the Zhaga specifications. The lowest Bill-of-Material costs for a single luminaire are not low enough to make a profitable portfolio in LED lighting. R&D costs, stock level costs and risk factors have to be taken into account as well. (Vist the magazine website - subscription required.)

Opinion piece: Zhaga helps SSL luminaire makers reduce costs and supply-chain risks

LEDs Magazine, Feb 2013
Zhaga Consortium General Secretary Menno Treffers explains that vendor-interoperable light engines will allow companies to support broader LED-lighting portfolios with more features.

Interview: Interview exclusive du secrétaire général du consortium Zhaga (French language)

LED-fr.net, February 2013
Le consortium Zhaga est une initiative de l'industrie de l'éclairage qui vise à développer des spécifications pour les sources lumineuses LED. Fondé en 2010, Zhaga rassemble environ 200 entreprises du secteur de l'éclairage. Afin d'éclaircir le sujet, LED-fr.net publie une interview exclusive du secrétaire général du consortium Zhaga.

Article: Focus on SSL modules

LEDs Magazine, Feb 2013
This compilation includes both proprietary modular products and ones built to the new Zhaga standards that allow for interoperability of light engines, drivers, optics, and other components from multiple vendors.

Jul-Dec 2012

News: Zhaga publishes specification for LED spotlight modules

LEDs Magazine, Oct 2012
The international Zhaga consortium has published Book 3, its first specification that is available to non-members, as well as Book 1, which contains general information and definitions.

Several articles: Technical articles on Book 3 specifications

LED Professional Review, Sept/Oct 2012
A series of detailed technical articles describing Zhaga's Book 3 specification for LED light engines. These articles are also available on the Zhaga website.

Article: Zhaga writes the book on LED light engine specifications

LEDs Magazine, Jul/Aug 2012
The Zhaga consortium has now defined six sets of interface specifications for different types of LED light engines, and certified products are expected to be on the market soon.

Article: Zhaga - Insights into the New LED Lighting “Standard” for Light Engines

LED Professional Review, Sept/Oct 2012
Greg Galluccio, Director of LED Business Development and Product Management for Lighting and Energy Solutions at Leviton and Zhaga spokesperson, talked to LED professional at the Light+Building in Frankfurt about the Zhaga LED lighting “Standard”. The industry initiative, Zhaga, will fundamentally influence the lighting business because of the interchangeability of LED light engines.

Jan-Jun 2012

Article: LED light-engine standardization

Lighting Technology, May 2012

Article: Zhaga – LED light-engine standardization is here

Licensed Architect, Spring 2012, page 34

Article: Zhaga saga

Energy Efficiency & Technology, April 2012
The Zhaga standard lets designers create solid-state lighting that can adapt to improvements in technology.

Article: The Evolution of LED Light Engines

Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M), March 2012
Zhaga Consortium strives to develop standard specifications for the interfaces of LED light engines.