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News from Zhaga Members

This page provides links to news and press releases from Zhaga member companies.

The Zhaga Consortium does not accept responsibility for content on external websites.

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces LUMAWISE Endurance S module for smarter street lighting applications

March 2017

TE has introduced a new compact connectivity solution for street lighting with LED light sources. TE´s LUMAWISE Endurance S module consists of a standardized interface between the receptacle and module base or sealing cap. The product is based on Zhaga Book 18.

Tridonic introduces sixth generation SLE LED modules

March 2017

The dimmable LED modules for spotlights and downlights...have an] improved robust 50 mm package which is ZHAGA compliant. New versions with a 17 mm light-emitting surface (LES 17) close the gap between 15 mm (LES 15) and 19 mm (LES 19) modules so there is a choice of different emission angles for spotlights.

BJB Releases Gen. 2 Linear Flat System (Zhaga Book 14 Standard)

December 2016

BJB has released the 2nd generation Linear Flat System (LFS) with improved efficacy (up to 150 Lm/W) and light distributions. Zhaga has created a new standard (Book 14) for Socketable Linear LED Light Engines based on BJB’s Linear Flat System. Reported by LED Professional.

TE Connectivity's Lumawise LED holder Type Z35 enables quick and easy assembly with solderless connections

December 2016

Bridgelux Vero® SE Series Arrays Now Available

October 2016

Vero SE arrays leverage Bridgelux’s seventh generation COB technology to generate 155 lumens per watt, and are designed based on customer feedback to lower manufacturing costs and increase design flexibility. Vero SE arrays ship with the industry’s only ten-year warranty, optic alignment holes, and Zhaga compatibility.

Samsung Introduces CSP LED Modules for Spotlights and Downlights

October 2016

Samsung’s new CSP LED modules are available in two form factors (19x19 mm or 28x28 mm) and are designed following Zhaga specifications, making them highly convenient in assembling. Link to Samsung website

Bridgelux Launches EB Series™ Products

October 2016

EB Series linear (modules) are available in standard lengths of one, two, and four feet, as well as custom size configurations.  They are Zhaga compliant, compatible with existing optics in the market, and are best for troffer and pendant applications.

Barthelme LED luminaire profiles provide multiple mounting options

October 2016

The matching insert CATania 60 is suitable for all LED stripes from the Barthelme LEDlight flex series as well as boards specified according to Zhaga class L28W2.

Intertek Expands Lighting General Coverage Program to Include LED Luminaires

August 2016

Under the expansion, LED luminaires using four new categories of sources are now eligible for use in the program, [including] NRTL-certified Zhaga Book 7 modules using a Class P driver.

Lumileds Upgrades its Most Cost Effective Solution for Spotlights and Directional Lamps, the LUXEON CoB Compact Range (Gen 2)

May 2016

BJB develops COB LED holders for Bridgelux V-Series arrays

May 2016

BJB 47.319 holders for the Bridgelux V Series arrays have a Zhaga-compatible 50 mm outer diameter. press release published by LEDs Magazine.

Bridgelux and BJB Announce Poke-In Availability for Vero® Series Arrays

April 2016

The new co-development initiative between Bridgelux and BJB will integrate an advanced array platform and holder system enabling poke-in wire connectivity with the flagship Chip on Board (COB) array product family from Bridgelux.

Samsung Adds Advanced Color Quality Features to its Small LES, Chip-on-Board LED Solutions for Premium Commercial LED Lighting

March 2016

Samsung Electronics has introduced new color quality improvements for its small LES (light-emitting surface) chip-on-board (COB) package LC series: LC010, LC020 and LC040. Samsung says that it has reduced the size of the LES throughout the LC series, in compliance with Zhaga Book 12.

Sharp launches new high efficiency COB LED range for high quality of light and hot lumen performance

March 2016

The new HD6 Mini ZENIGATAs are 12x15mm with an 8mm light emitting surface (LES). The BF6 series Mega ZENIGATAs are manufactured on a 20x24mm substrate with a 15mm LES.

Lumileds Launches Next Generation LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 3)

February 2016

The Gen 3 LUXEON CoB upgrade spans the company’s full range of products from the smallest LES of 6.5 mm (LUXEON CoB 1202s), which delivers cost effective spotlights, to an LES of 23 mm (LUXEON CoB 1216), for efficient replacement of 100-150W HIDs in indoor or outdoor applications.

Samsung Launches inFlux Linear LED Modules for High-flux Industrial Lighting

February 2016

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has introduced inFlux, a new lineup of high-flux (extremely bright), linear LED modules optimized for industrial lighting applications such as plants, parking lots and warehouses. Samsung inFlux modules are available in six product types. Each type comes in a different flux range between 1,310 lm and 9,380 lm with a length option, either 280 millimeters (mm) or 560mm, and offers several CCT color variations, including 3000, 3500, 4000 and 5000 K.

MechaTronix Introduces LED Pin Fin Coolers

January 2016

[LED Inside] MechaTronix advanced LED pin fin coolers foreseen from Zhaga book 3 and Zhaga book 11 mounting holes, as well as an advanced pattern for direct mounting of COB LED modules.


Helvar releases new modular LS series for LED modules

October 2015

Helvar's linear LS series LED module family offers superior colour consistency, lifetime and high uniformity of light. The range has been designed to match Zhaga 24 mm dimensions with three available lengths: 140 mm, 280 mm and 560 mm.

Samsung Introduces Linear-type LED Modules with Industry-leading- Efficacy and Greater Freedom of Design

October 2015

The S-Series is comprised of two modules of either the long or short type - 560x24x6 mm for LT-S562 (2250 lm @ 4000K CCT, tp=50℃) and 280x24x6 mm for LT-S282 (1125 lm @ 4000K CCT, tp=50℃).

Samsung’s COB LED Packages with Superior Color Quality

September 2015

Samsung LED’s new Small LES COB packages – LC010C, LC020C and LC040C – offer 10W, 20W and 40W of operating wattage options respectively and significantly reduced LES. For the 40W-class LC040C, the diameter of Samsung’s LES has shrunk to 11mm from the 17mm typically specified in conventional 40W COB packages. For the LC010C and LC020C offerings, the LES scaled to 6 mm from 11 mm and to 8 mm from 12.4 mm, respectively. These LES packages are approximately 35 percent smaller than the LES in most existing COB packages available today.

MechaTronix launches pin fin style LED coolers for tilted spotlights

June 2015

The LPF47 and LPF67 advanced pin-fin LED coolers have standard Zhaga Book 3 and Zhaga Book 11 mounting holes, as well as an advanced pattern for direct mounting of COB LED modules.

BJB Aims for Zhaga Standardization for their Linear Flat System LED Light Sources

April 2015

The philosophy of “late stage finishing” promoted by BJB promises added value in production, storage, installation and subsequent modification by separating the LED light source and the luminaire body. The Zhaga Consortium’s “SFS, Socketable Flat System” task force is studying the Linear Flat System with a view to standardising it in its own Book.

TÜV SÜD now recognised as a certification body for Zhaga specifications

April 2015

TÜV SÜD has been authorised by the Zhaga Consortium, an international industry-wide association, to provide certification of LED modules and lamp holders according to Zhaga’s specifications known as Books. At present, TÜV SÜD offers testing and certification according to the specifications in Zhaga Books 2, 3 and 7.

MechaTronix launches universal LED cooler for BJB LED module

March 2015

The BJB LED star cooler GH36d is specifically designed for luminaires using the BJB GH36d series LED modules and various brands of COB LED modules mounted by BJB Zhaga Book 3 or Zhaga Book 11 LED holders.

Download the PDF file

Ledtech Electronics announces Driver-on-Board (DOB) light-engine component

January 2015

Ledtech Electronics has applied its advanced technology in high wattage COB modules to develop a ceramic-based Driver On Board (DOB) light engine module. The standard Zhaga dimensions have been adopted in the Ledtech DOB series. 



Philips Lumileds announces board-level modular LED light engine

November 2014

Osram Opto Semiconductors extends its Soleriq P series with the Soleriq P 13

November 2014

INTERMO modules extend Sharp LED portfolio

September 2014

50 mm in diameter and 6 mm high, the Standard INTERMO is a Zhaga Book 3 form-factor module, which ensures compatibility with a large eco-system of third-party products.

Download the INTERMO information sheet


GE Lighting expands Lumination DI and RS LED downlight families

August 2014

[The following is an extract from a news item in LEDs Magazine] The Lumination DI Series of downlights relies on the Infusion family of SSL modules that are compatible with the Book 5 Zhaga specification for socketable light engines. Read the full article

OSRAM SYLVANIA Introduces Zhaga Book 3 Compliant OSRAM PrevaLED Core Z3 LED Light Engine at Lightfair

June 2014

OSRAM SYLVANIA is showcasing the OSRAM PrevaLED® Core Z3 LED Light Engine, a Zhaga Book 3 compliant, high-efficacy, high-power light source for spot and downlight applications at Lightfair.

Download the press release.

"For recessed downlight, track and task lighting manufacturers, Zhaga Book 3 compliant solutions like the PrevaLED Core Z3 provide faster time to market and consistency for new next generation products," says the press release. "Given the rapid evolution of LED technology, specifiers don’t have to worry about specifying solutions that will be outdated when the project is actually installed. Luminaires can be specified for future projects with the peace of mind that a current Zhaga Book 3 compliant LED light source can be fitted at the time of installation."

Lunis 2 Track luminaire from Siteco

February 2014

The flexible track spotlight is ideal for targeted accenting and display of goods in the shop and retail sectors as well as for illumination tasks in public buildings and museums.

The OSRAM PrevaLED Core Z3 LED module in the Lunis 2 Track complies with the Zhaga standard. This means future safety for customers because the LED module can be simply replaced by another Zhaga module at a later date.

Download the press release


GE Lighting introduces LED downlight based on Zhaga modular light engine

December 2013

[The following is an extract from a news item in LEDs Magazine - read the full article.] GE Lighting has announced the Lumination DI Series of LED-based downlights that are available in 4- and 6-in. round and square versions with a broad choice of CCT, CRI, and beam spread. The flexibility comes courtesy of the use of solid-state lighting (SSL) modules as the base of the product that is compatible with the Zhaga Consortium Book 5 specification.

ELT introduces linear module based on Zhaga Book 7 (text in Spanish)

November 2013

GE Lighting expands the LED Infusion module family

September 2013

[The following is an extract from a news item in LEDs Magazine - read the full article.]

"GE Lighting has announced the Gen3 family of its Infusion LED modules that include Infusion Spot Light Module, the Infusion Down Light Module, (DLM) and the Infusion Narrow Punch Module (NPM). The third-generation family offers improved efficacy and a broader choice of lumen packages and beam spreads relative to Gen2 products."

Download the press release as a PDF file. 

TE announces new extension for the LED Holder Type Z50

July 2013

The TE Solderless LED Holder, Type Z50, is a circular LED holder family that is now extended to provide a solderless connection to the chip-on-board (COB) arrays from different manufacturers, as well as integrating with various secondary reflector products. TE has designed the 50-mm-diameter Type Z50 LED holder with optics attachment in such a way as to enable customers to comply with emerging standards and achieve Zhaga-certified solutions. Download the press release as a PDF file.

Philips introduces Fortimo LED Line Square for linear lighting

July 2013

Download the press release as a PDF file.

UL expands Zhaga testing capabilities for LED light source interchangeability

June 2013

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has been named an authorized testing laboratory for Zhaga Books 4, 7 and 8 in addition to current Books 2 and 3. Download the press release as a PDF file.

Philips introduces Fortimo LED Line modules with Book 7 Zhaga certification

June 2013

Philips has announced some new upgrades and extensions to its Fortimo LED line systems, which now have Zhaga certification according to Book 7. The Fortimo linear LED modules will provide new lighting opportunities in even more applications. The following Philips Fortimo products are now Zhaga certified: Fortimo LED Line 1R, 3R Generation 2, Fortimo LED strip 1ft and Fortimo LED Line High Flux. Download the press release as a PDF file.

Tridonic TALEXXengine STARK SLE with Zhaga certification

April 2013

Tridonic's TALEXXengine STARK SLE for downlights and spotlights is the company's first LED light engine with Zhaga certification. A special feature of this device is its integrated terminals that make installation much easier. Tridonic has now expanded its portfolio with the addition of a MINI version and special light colours designed specifically for the food industry. Download the press release as a PDF file.

Samsung introduces Zhaga-based LED linear modules

April 2013

Samsung’s H-Series comprises four types of linear LED module, each with a different form factor and luminous flux to satisfy a variety of market needs. Fixture makers can connect multiple H-Series modules together for variations in luminous flux, without a gap between the modules. Download the press release as a PDF file. 

TE Connectivity announces solderless holder platform for chip-on-board and array LEDs

Feb 2013

The Type Z50 holder enables designers to develop Zhaga-compliant modules around a common core. The 50-mm diameter Type Z50 holder with optics attachment is designed to enable the development of Zhaga-based solutions.


MEGAMAN®'s TECOH® CFx LED Light Engines receive Zhaga certification

September 2012

Download the press release as a PDF file.

MEGAMAN® is pleased to announce that its TECOH® CFx range of high performance twist-lock LED light engines is now Zhaga certified. An application-ready solution which can be simply adapted into existing luminaires, the CFx range has an integrated driver for general lighting and is now certified to Zhaga Interface Specification Book2, allowing interchangeability and easy integration into fixtures.  With lumen packages of 1200 and up to 2000 lumens, the products are ideal for use in downlights, replacing conventional light sources such as 50W halogen and 2x13W and 2x18W compact fluorescent lamps. 

Philips introduces Zhaga-certified Fortimo LED spotlight module Tight Beam for dramatic effects in accent lighting

June 2012

Nuventix thermal management cools world’s first Zhaga-certified LED recessed luminaire, from Cooper Lighting

June 2012

Cooper Lighting introduces the world's first Zhaga-certified LED recessed luminaire

June 2012

The P3LED directional series luminaire from Cooper Lighting's IRiS Lighting Systems is the first in the world to be a Zhaga-certified luminaire. "With Zhaga’s efforts and certification, new LED light sources will be simpler to integrate and upgrade into existing environments and provide added confidence to end users," says Cooper's press release.