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Certified Products database expands with Book 4 and Book 7 modules

Posted on Thursday November 28 2013, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga database of Certified Products continues to expand, with the addition in recent months of products certified according to Books 4, 7 and 8. New Zhaga-certified products include LED modules for a wide range of applications in indoor (Book 7) and outdoor (Book 4) lighting. 

All Zhaga-certified products are listed in the online Certified Products database, and these are the only products allowed to carry the Zhaga logo. The logo confirms that the product can be used interchangeably with other similar products.

Complementing the searchable database is a new Product Gallery, giving examples and photos of different product types offered by different companies.

The database contains products that have been certified according to Books 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8, including LED modules, LED light engines, holders for light engines, and LED luminaires. At the time of writing, 130 different products have been certified, from a range of manufacturers.

Products are eligible for Zhaga certification once they have been tested by an Authorized Test Laboratory. Testing and certification procedures are now in place for all the approved Zhaga Books, including Books 5 and 6. The first certified products for these Books are expected soon.

New additions

Recently, several companies including Cooper, Philips and Tridonic have all received certification according to Zhaga Book 3 for families of circular LED modules.  In total, the database contains 72 such modules from these and other companies, including Lustrous, Osram and Vossloh Schwabe.

The most recent certifications have been registered by Osram and Philips. Both companies have achieved Zhaga certification for Book 4 and Book 7 LED modules.

The certified Book 7 modules are linear, measuring 280 or 560 mm in length (see photo, above), and are intended for indoor applications such as office lighting. For example, the Philips Fortimo LED LINE 2ft 4000lm 840 1R LV1 module is 560 mm in length, with a single row of LEDs, and has an output of around 4000 lm with a power consumption of 30.8W.

Meanwhile, the rectangular Book 4 modules are intended primarily for outdoor or commercial lighting applications. A range of PrevaLED Compact modules from Osram (see photo, left) includes smaller modules measuring 95 x 39 mm, which have 2 or 3 rows of LEDs, while the larger modules measure 110 x 46 mm and have 4 rows of LEDs.