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Zhaga Books update: certification and new versions

Posted on Thursday September 26 2013, by Tim Whitaker

Product certification is already available for the majority of Zhaga interface specifications, namely Books 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. Several test labs are authorized to issue test reports for products designed according to these Books. For the other approved Books – namely Books 5 and 6 – progress has been made to enable certification according to these specifications.

Meanwhile, all the Zhaga Books are maintained and upgraded as necessary, which will result in new Editions from time to time. In some cases, new form-factors are added to the existing specifications, while in other cases it is more appropriate to develop new Books.

Book 6 certification

Edition 1.3 of Zhaga Book 6 is about to go through the formal Zhaga approval procedure. Three test labs – Dekra, UL and VDE – have already been authorized to issue test reports and certify products according to Book 6, version 1.2. 

Book 5 certification

Edition 1.2 of Book 5 is close to completion, with some minor issues to be resolved regarding the test procedure. After this, it should be possible to offer certification for Book 5.

Progress with other Books

Book 1: a new version of Book 1 (Edition 1.5) will encompass several recent updates to common Zhaga procedures. Other Books are also being modified to encompass these Book 1 updates.

Books 2 and 8: New versions of Book 2 (Edition 1.3) and Book 8 (Edition 1.1) were approved in June 2013.

Book 4: a new version of Book 4 (Edition 1.2) is being prepared to include existing errata.

Book 7: New LED module form-factors are likely to be added to Book 7, including L56W2 (approx. 560 mm in length x 20 mm wide) and L28W28. The most recent version of Book 7 (Edition 1.1) was approved in June 2013.


Tim Whitaker, Marcom Director
Zhaga Consortium