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Zhaga aims to create new Books and an industry standard

Posted on Thursday September 26 2013, by Tim Whitaker

At the latest meeting of the Zhaga Consortium, which took place in Chicago, USA, on September 10-12, members received updates on various proposals for new interface specifications. Some or all of these are likely to evolve into new Books over the coming months.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Zhaga’s specification development process, one existing specification is heading towards becoming a fully-fledged international standard.

Transfer of Book 3 to IEC

Zhaga writes interface specifications (known as “Books”) for LED light sources, but these are not standards. Instead, the Consortium’s intention is to transfer its established Books to a standards-developing organization (SDO), once the Book is stable and widely used.

The transfer of Zhaga Book 3 to IEC, an international SDO, is advancing rapidly. The intention is for Book 3 to become an international standard administered by IEC, with other Books to follow once the transfer procedure is established.

New Book covering small, low-power LED boards

Zhaga is moving forward with a new specification proposal entitled “Small LED light engines with separate control gear”. This has been transferred to a working group inside Zhaga, with the intention of creating a new Book.

The proposal covers small, low-power LED boards with a defined light-emitting surface (LES). Such a specification could enable products primarily for use in consumer lighting applications, such as small spot lights, track lighting and other compact luminaires.

Other new specification proposals

Several other new specifications are at various stages of development within Zhaga. These include:

  • an LED module with separate control gear and a large, circular LES
  • a new LED light engine (LLE) with integrated optics for street-lighting applications
  • an LLE with LEDs on both sides of a PCB for both direct and indirect lighting.

As always, these proposals arise from various Zhaga members, who propose light-engine interfaces that they would like Zhaga to standardize. The next phase is to study the differences between proposals for similar light sources and try to merge them into a single proposal. The goal of this phase is to avoid unnecessary and arbitrary variations.


Tim Whitaker, Marcom Director
Zhaga Consortium