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Zhaga releases Edition 1.4 of Book 1 interface specification

Posted on Thursday May 9 2013, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga Consortium has released the latest version (Edition 1.4) of the Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1. This provides general information and terminology that applies to all the other Zhaga Books.

Edition 1.4 of Book 1 is available for public download, and users are advised to download and use this updated specification immediately.

Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1 is different from other Zhaga Books, because it does not define an LED light engine. Instead, Book 1 gives an overview of Zhaga terminology and common information on general aspects of the interfaces that are defined by the different Zhaga specifications. Other Zhaga Books should be read in conjunction with Book 1.

Book 1 also defines a set of generic compliance tests, which are used to verify if an LED light engine (and a corresponding luminaire) meets the requirements defined in the other Zhaga Books.

Zhaga does not define the interface between an LED light engine and a separate electronic control gear (ECG). However, Book 1 defines the physical dimensions of the set of housings that are permitted for such ECGs.

Book 1 should be read to become familiar with the basic principles of the Zhaga Interface Specifications. In particular, the other Books rely on the information provided in Book 1, and this information is not duplicated in those other Books.

Changes from Edition 1.3

Among the changes in Edition 1.4 of Book 1 are new definitions of ambient temperature, measurement uncertainty, and integrated and separated ECG.

For the mechanical interface, a section has been added on thermal expansion, and references to ISO 128 have been removed.

For the photometric interface, a series of new luminous-flux categories has been added, and minimum and maximum values have been added for each category. Also, text has been removed relating to center-beam intensity and field angle.

For the thermal interface, a section of text has been added on the thermal resistance of the luminaire depending on the mounting conditions.

In Annex A on compliance testing, requirements on maximum measurement uncertainty have been removed. Also, pass criteria have been updated, and new measurement procedures have been added for thermal resistance of the luminaire and for the mechanical interface.