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Tridonic, Samsung unveil Zhaga-based products

Posted on Monday April 22 2013, by Tim Whitaker

Zhaga members Samsung and Tridonic recently published press releases describing their Zhaga-based products. These and other similar announcements can be viewed on the “News from Zhaga Members” page on the Zhaga website.

Tridonic Book 3 modules

The TALEXXengine STARK SLE for downlights and spotlights is the first LED light engine from Tridonic to achieve Zhaga certification.

The certified products are several versions of the CLASSIC LES 19 and 23 modules, which have a light-emitting surface (LES) of 19 and 23 mm diameter, respectively. These products are certified according to Zhaga interface specification Book 3.

A special feature of these modules is their integrated terminals that make installation much easier. Tridonic has now expanded its portfolio with the addition of a MINI version and special light colours designed specifically for the food industry.

Samsung Book 7 modules

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced a new line-up of H-Series LED linear modules. These products are designed according to Zhaga interface specification Book 7, but are not yet Zhaga certified.

The modules are designed for use in a wide range of LED lighting applications including ambient lighting and linear fixtures. The H-Series comprises four types of linear LED module, each with a different form factor and luminous flux to satisfy a variety of market needs. Fixture makers can connect multiple H-Series modules together for variations in luminous flux, without a gap between the modules.

For more information on Zhaga, contact Tim Whitaker, Marcom Director, on marcom@zhagastandard.org or +44 (0)7825 216329.