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Electrical Contractor magazine publishes in-depth article on Zhaga

Posted on Wednesday April 17 2013, by Tim Whitaker

A new article published in the April 2013 issue of Electrical Contractor magazine discusses the benefits of Zhaga specifications for different user groups.

Steven Pyshos, marketing manager for Zhaga-member Cooper Lighting, describes the benefits for fixture makers: “Interchangeability provides design freedom inside the light engine, accelerating chip-level performance enhancements, and reduces market risk with an installed base of ‘sockets’,” he says. “It also enables luminaire manufacturers to rapidly implement LED performance improvements and focus on developing new luminaire designs, optimizing performance around selected LED engines.”

Lighting designers can also benefit, as Roy Harvey, SSL standards and regulatory affairs officer for Zhaga-member Osram Sylvania, describes: “Lighting designers will be able to choose from catalogs of interchangeable LED light engines that can fit compatible luminaires,” says Harvey.

“Different manufacturers that offer products complying with the same standard may offer a higher quality of light, a higher lumen package or an optimal beam pattern, but all will have the same mechanical footprint and thermal interface and fit the same luminaire.”

Meanwhile, distributors would benefit by stocking fewer standardized LED light engines, says the article. “This reduces inventory and risk while providing access to an aftermarket for replacement sources,” says author Craig DiLouie. “And owners will enjoy greater confidence and lower risk by investing in future-proof lighting fixtures that incorporate best-in-class LED sources that can be easily serviced for maintenance or upgraded as lighting needs change and LED technology advances.”

As well as discussing the availability of  Zhaga-certified products, the article looks at some of the shortcomings of Zhaga, one example being that Zhaga specifications do not (currently) cover dimming functionality.

With regards to future adoption, Pyshos says that the lighting industry is currently divided regarding implementation of Zhaga. Some LED array and driver suppliers and fixture manufacturers continue to push proprietary designs in an attempt to lock up market share, while others embrace open standards. However, Pyshos says there is room for both.

Meanwhile, John Koster, product manager for LED modules with Zhaga-member GE Lighting, thinks the industry will “see some really good traction around Zhaga in the next year or two, along with more manufacturers adopting the different specifications. That means we will see a lot of different options on the module side with several different manufacturers, and, as a result, the number of Zhaga-certified luminaire manufacturers will start to increase.”

Read the full article entitled LEDs' New Standard: Zhaga Consortium on the Electrical Contractor website.

For more information on Zhaga, contact Tim Whitaker, Marcom Director, on marcom@zhagastandard.org or +44 (0)7825 216329.