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Book 14 now includes LED modules

Posted on Wednesday March 22 2017, by Tim Whitaker

The latest edition of Zhaga Book 14, which defines a family of socketable, flat, linear LED light sources, now includes LED modules as well as LED light engines (LLEs).

Edition 1.1 has been approved for use by all Zhaga members, and can be downloaded from the Zhaga members’ website.

The socketable light sources are suitable for low-profile indoor lighting applications. Three categories are defined for both LED modules and LLEs, with maximum overall length of either 565, 1166 or 1466 mm. The maximum width is 50 mm and the maximum height is 35 mm.

The LLEs have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. The contact caps and contact holders have keys matching specific electrical characteristics of the LED light engine.

Five keys are defined for LED modules, each with a different input current. For the LLEs, a further four keys are used to define different input voltage ranges.

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