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COB holders included in new edition of Zhaga Book 12

Posted on Thursday March 16 2017, by Tim Whitaker

Zhaga has published Edition 1.1 of Book 12, which now includes COB holders as well as COB LED arrays.

The Book 12 specification defines a family of rectangular and square LED arrays with a circular light-emitting surface (LES). There are six categories of LED array, according to the outer dimensions of the boards.

These arrays require a separate LED driver, and can be used either with or without holders, depending on the luminaire type and application.

The holders in Book 12 have a cavity in the rear that accommodates a COB array. The size of the cavity corresponds to one of the six array sizes.

The Book 12 holders have an outer diameter of either 35 mm (category D35) or 50 mm (category D50). These dimensions correspond to the LED spot modules defined in Zhaga Book 10.

The combination of a COB module and a suitably-sized COB holder can create a product that effectively replicates a Zhaga-based spot LED module as described in Book 10.

The published Book 12 specification can be downloaded from the Zhaga website.