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Book 14 and Book 16 approved for use by Zhaga members

Posted on Tuesday January 3 2017, by Tim Whitaker

Two new Zhaga specifications – Books 14 and 16 – have been approved for use by all Zhaga members. The full specifications can be downloaded from the Zhaga members’ website, and are expected to be published in around six months’ time for use by the entire lighting industry.

Book 14 – Linear socketable system

Book 14 defines a family of socketable, flat, linear LED light engines (LLEs) that are suitable for low-profile indoor lighting applications.

The LLEs have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. The contact caps and contact holders have keys matching specific electrical characteristics of the LED light engine.

Three LLE categories are defined, with different LLE lengths.

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Book 16 – Planar, circular LLEs

Book 16 defines planar, circular LED light engines (LLEs) with an integrated (on-board) driver. Such LLEs could be used in flat, circular luminaires with a homogeneous, low-glare surface.

LLEs defined in Book 16 have a maximum height of 40 mm, and a range of diameters from 130 mm to 500 mm.

Book 16 defines the position of the mounting holes, but does not restrict the position of the LEDs, connectors or driver components.

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