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MD-SIG launches LEDset specifications

Posted on Monday June 27 2016, by Zhaga

The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG), a lighting-industry consortium, has published two LEDset specifications, which provide the lighting market with a standardized, multi-vendor, electrical interface for LED systems.

Download the MD-SIG press release

MD-SIG was formed with the aim of introducing a standardized electrical interface between LED control gear and LED modules. This “missing link” is an essential feature of a mature components business for solid-state lighting.

The two specification documents – the “LEDset Power Interface Specification” and the “LEDset1 Information Interface Specification” – can be downloaded from the MD-SIG website

  • The LEDset Power Interface Specification describes the data-sheet information that should be provided for LED modules and LED drivers, in terms of the output current, voltage and power ranges.
  • The LEDset1 Information Interface Specification describes a setting method that uses a resistor to configure the output current of a window driver.

The MD-SIG specifications are complementary to those developed by Zhaga, but the two organizations are independent from one another. Zhaga defines various interfaces between LED components and LED luminaires, but it does not address the electrical interface between LED modules and drivers.

Instead, several Zhaga Books – including Book 11 on small-diameter spot modules and Book 12 on COB arrays – already contain references to the new MD-SIG specifications.

More information about MD-SIG and the LEDset specifications is available here.