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Zhaga COB specification gains traction

Posted on Monday May 23 2016, by Zhaga

Zhaga has seen an upsurge in the number of COB manufacturers that are now supplying products based on Zhaga Book 12, the consortium’s specification for COB LED arrays.

Published in March 2016, Book 12 defines a family of 6 rectangular and square COB modules with different dimensions. A range of light-emitting surface (LES) diameters is possible for each module size.

Since the planning stage for Book 12, Zhaga has monitored the number of manufacturers that are supporting specific dimensions. In this period, the average number of manufacturers that are supporting the six Zhaga dimensions has increased by 50%, while the number supporting non-Zhaga dimensions has remained approximately constant.

For example, Samsung’s Small LES COB series features COB dimensions of 12x15 mm and 16x19 mm (the two smallest Zhaga dimensions), as well as LES diameters of 6, 8 and 11 mm. Samsung’s press release said that its “flip-chip and phosphor-dispensing technologies were adopted to reduce the size of the LES throughout the LC series, in compliance with Zhaga Book 12.”

Products in Lumileds’ LUXEON CoB Compact Range (Gen 2) have dimensions of 12x15 mm and an LES diameter of 6.5 mm (bottom image).

Meanwhile, Sharp recently launched HD6 Mini ZENIGATAs measuring 12x15 mm with an 8mm LES, while its BF6 series Mega ZENIGATAs have a 20x24 mm substrate with a 15mm LES (top image).

Company press releases describing these products can be found here: www.zhagastandard.org/news/member-news

Three test labs – DEKRA, Intertek and VDE – have been authorized to carry out testing for compliance with Zhaga Book 12.

Zhaga is already working on the next edition of Book 12, which will include specifications for COB holders. The combination of a COB array and suitable holder creates a product that is equivalent to a Book 3 module (50-mm diameter holder with 35-mm spacing of mounting holes) or a Book 11 module (35-mm diameter module, 25-mm hole separation).