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Zhaga database of certified products provides powerful tool for LED luminaire makers

Posted on Monday November 30 2015, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga Consortium has launched a fully rebuilt and significantly enhanced version of its online Certified Products Database.

The new tool provides comprehensive search capabilities to allow visitors to find products, compare their properties, and evaluate whether they can be used interchangeably.

All products listed in the Certified Products Database have been tested by accredited third-party laboratories, and are in full compliance with the relevant Zhaga specification (Book). Certification ensures that the product has passed all the required thermal, electrical and photometric tests. This goes far beyond checking for basic mechanical compatibility in terms of overall dimensions or position of screw holes.

Additional data:
The new database contains a significantly enhanced set of data for each product. A set of filters is provided so that users can narrow their search according to their own application requirements. For example, after selecting a product type, users can filter the results according to product dimensions, or operating voltage, or luminous flux range, or many other properties.

Side-by-side evaluation:
Having filtered the results, the user can then select up to 3 products and view a side-by-side comparison of key properties, not just those that are restricted by Zhaga. This allows the user to evaluate if products are truly interchangeable. This helps the user to find interchangeable components that match the application requirements.

For example, two LED modules are based on Zhaga Book 3 and have the same light-emitting surface (LES) category. This means that both modules could be used in the same LED luminaire without changing features such as the mechanical fixation points or the reflector. However, the two modules could have very different values for properties such as colour temperature or total thermal power (Zhaga does not place any restrictions on the values of these properties). By comparing all the key properties of the two modules, luminaire makers and other customers are able to make informed choices.

The database can be used to confirm a manufacturer’s claim of Zhaga compatibility. Any products not listed in the database are not certified.

Data verification:
For some properties, such as the colour temperature of LED modules, the values are not restricted by Zhaga. Even so, the values must be supplied by the manufacturer so that products can be compared accurately. Zhaga’s third-party testing procedure includes the verification of manufacturers’ data, which adds value to the database as a reliable source of information.

New product generations:
The database contains some older-generation products that are no longer available from the manufacturer. Typically these have been superseded by next-generation versions, which are interchangeable with the older products but have upgraded performance. Zhaga certification means that luminaire makers can select and use next-generation products without needing to make significant changes to their luminaire designs.

Different product types:
The Certified Products Database covers a range of product types, including LED modules, integrated LED light engines, holders and LED luminaires. New products types that will be added in the coming months include LED drivers and Chip-on-Board (COB) LED arrays.

Visit the Certified Products Database