MD-SIG and Zhaga sign liaison agreement

Posted on Monday October 19 2015, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga Consortium has signed a liaison agreement with the Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG). The two organizations will provide each other with regular updates on their activities and progress.

MD-SIG is a global lighting-industry consortium which is developing a specification known as “LEDset.” This offers a standardized, multi-vendor electrical interface between LED drivers and LED modules.

The following article explains the requirement for an electrical interface between LED drivers and LED modules, and how MD-SIG is addressing this need:
DMI Specification Defines Electrical Interface between LED Drivers and Modules

Rather than creating its own specification for the driver-module electrical interface, Zhaga will reference the "LEDset1" specification developed by MD-SIG. Book 11 is the first Zhaga specification to reference LEDset. 

Zhaga and MD-SIG are separate organizations, although several companies are members of both entities.


More information on MD-SIG and LEDset