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MD-SIG unveils specification for module-driver electrical interface

Posted on Tuesday September 1 2015, by Tim Whitaker

The Module-Driver interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG), a global lighting-industry consortium, has published the first part of its specification known as “LEDset.” This offers a standardized, multi-vendor electrical interface between LED drivers (control gear) and LED modules.

Rather than creating its own specification for the driver-module interface (DMI), the Zhaga Consortium will reference the LEDset specification developed by MD-SIG. This is relevant when the driver and module(s) are separate from each other, but does not apply when the driver is integrated inside an LED light engine.

Zhaga Book 11, which defines circular LED modules with a diameter of 35 mm, is the first Zhaga specification to reference LEDset. The Electrical Interface section states that “the LED Module defined in this Book 11 shall comply with the provisions of DMI” where DMI is defined as the LEDset1 - Information Interface Specification, Edition 1.0, June 2015.

Similarly, Zhaga Book 13, which defines separate LED drivers, also references the LEDset specification when describing the electrical interface between drivers and modules.

MD-SIG describes the LEDset interface as “the missing link essential to the maturity of the solid-state lighting (SSL) components business.” LEDset allows communication and power transmission between an LED driver and one or more LED modules. Today, many different options are available on the market, leading to increased complexity and reduced availability for fixture OEMs.

Already published, the LEDset Information Interface specification describes an analogue interface allowing basic communication between an LED driver and one or more LED modules. Meanwhile, the Power Interface specification is a work in progress.

Electronics Weekly, a UK-based trade magazine, has published an article on LEDset and MD-SIG entitled “Standard release for lighting LED-driver interface.” Further details are also available on the MD-SIG website.

The following companies are members of MD-SIG:

  • BAG electronics
  • Helvar
  • Panasonic/Vossloh Schwabe
  • Philips
  • TCI
  • Zumtobel/Tridonic

MD-SIG and Zhaga are separate organizations.