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Book 1 and Book 7 new editions

Posted on Thursday June 4 2015, by Tim Whitaker

Zhaga has published the latest editions of Book 1 and Book 7, two of the approved Zhaga specifications.

Edition 1.7 of Book 1 and Edition 1.3 of Book 7 are both available for public download.

Book 1

Book 1 defines features that apply to multiple Zhaga interface specifications, such as common definitions, common requirements, common test descriptions, and general information. Information and requirements in Book 1 are frequently referenced by other Books.

Edition 1.7 has been rewritten to include references to separate modules and drivers, in line with enabling component interchangeability. Also, information on the mechanical interface of drivers has been moved to Book 13.

Book 7

Book 7 defines the interfaces of LED light engines (LLEs) comprising one or more rectangular LED modules with a separate LED driver (electronic control gear).

In Edition 1.3, the most significant change is the addition of two new categories; L38W38 (corresponding to an LED module size of 380 x 380 mm) and L56W56.