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Zhaga writes Book 13 specification for LED drivers

Posted on Tuesday May 12 2015, by Tim Whitaker

​The Zhaga Consortium is now writing Book 13, a new Zhaga interface specification that contains information about LED drivers (electronic control gear) that are used in combination with separate LED modules.

As well as this single driver Book, Zhaga will also create a series of separate Books for different types of LED modules (see Footnote).

The new Book 13 is part of Zhaga’s efforts to enable LED luminaire manufacturers to use different LED modules in their luminaires without having to use a different LED driver for each module, or vice versa. Zhaga refers to this as “independent (or component) interchangeability” of LED drivers and modules.

With separate specifications for LED modules and LED drivers, this also requires that the electrical interface between modules and drivers is defined correctly.

To avoid duplicated efforts in the industry, Zhaga has not written a new specification for this driver-module interface (DMI). Instead, Book 13 references a specification written by MD-SIG (an external industry association which is not part of Zhaga, but in which several Zhaga members participate).

Book 13 also describes the mechanical dimensions of a wide range of different LED drivers. Some information relating to LED drivers has now been transferred from Book 1 to the new Book 13.


Previously, all Zhaga Books defined a complete LED light engine (LLE), i.e. a combination of one or more LED modules and a suitable driver.

For LLEs that contain an integrated driver, Zhaga Books will continue to define the complete LLE.