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Component interchangeability and the driver-module interface

Posted on Wednesday March 25 2015, by Tim Whitaker

Zhaga has made significant progress in its aim to enable the independent interchangeability of components such as LED modules, holders and LED drivers (also known as electronic control gear, or ECG).

Currently, Zhaga Books define complete LED light engines (LLEs). An LLE comprises one or more LED modules together with a suitable LED driver. The driver can either be integrated into the LLE, or the driver and module(s) can be separate.

In future, in the case of separate drivers and modules, these components will be defined in different Zhaga specifications. This means that Zhaga will develop multiple Books for different LED modules, and will write a single Book for LED drivers.

For example, Book 11 will define circular LED modules with a diameter of 35 mm. The Book will also include a reference to a suitable specification for the interface between the module and an appropriate driver.

By defining the driver-module interface (DMI), Zhaga will ensure that luminaire makers can select from a set of interchangeable modules from different manufacturers, without needing to use a different driver for each different module.

Rather than creating its own DMI specification, Zhaga has decided to reference a suitable specification from another organization. In fact, Zhaga will use the DMI specification being developed by MD-SIG, an external industry association which is not part of Zhaga, but in which several Zhaga members participate.

New Book covering LED drivers

Zhaga is also working on a new Book that will specify the interfaces of ECG (drivers). Currently, information on the ECG mechanical interface is part of Book 1, which contains general information that applies to all the other Books.

The information on ECGs in Book 1 will form the basis of the new standalone Book. The next stage will be to develop specifications for the electrical and control interfaces for drivers.