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Book 2 and Book 8 updated with new Editions

Posted on Thursday November 20 2014, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga Consortium has published new Editions of two Books that both describe socketable, circular LED light engines with integrated control gear. Edition 1.4 of Book 2 and Edition 1.2 of Book 8 are both available for download from the Zhaga website.

For both Books, the most significant change compared with previous Editions is the addition of information about the Thermal Compatibility Code (P*). This parameter characterizes the thermal properties of an LLE and luminaire for the purpose of checking their thermal compatibility.

Book 2 and Book 8 LLEs have similar form-factors but are different in size. Both are intended primarily (but not exclusively) for use in LED luminaires for downlighting applications.

Book 2 LLEs have a round drum shape with maximum dimensions of 70.2 mm diameter and 45 mm height, and a PHJ65d base. Book 8 LLEs have the same maximum height but a larger maximum diameter of 95 mm, and a PHJ85d base.