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Zhaga introduces family testing of LED modules

Posted on Thursday October 23 2014, by Tim Whitaker

Zhaga has introduced a new procedure to simplify and accelerate the certification of families of LED modules.

Rather than testing an entire range of products that are substantially similar (see Footnote), it will now be possible to obtain certification for all these products by testing just 25% of the members of the family. A minimum of 2 products per family must be tested.

Zhaga has defined an “LED module family” to mean a set of LED modules from one company that is substantially similar except for using different LEDs or phosphors. All the LED modules in the family are required to use the same control gear (LED driver).

Testing procedure for module families

To obtain certification, all the products in an LED module family must be available for testing by the chosen Authorized Testing Center (ATC). A complete Product Data Set for each model  should be submitted to the ATC.

The ATC selects a number of models equal to 25% of the total in the family (the number is rounded up to the next integer, with a minimum of 2). The selected models need to represent the range of thermal parameters across the Product Data Sets for all models.

Then, the ATC tests each selected model in accordance with the applicable specification.

If all tested models are compliant, the ATC issues a Test Report for each model tested, and also issues a Test Certificate for each model in the LED module family.

If family testing is successful, then all models within the family will be listed individually in the online Certified Products Database.

New documentation

The Zhaga Logo Trademark License Agreement has been amended by the addition of a new Annex B1 entitled “Criteria for testing families LED module with separate ECG.” This contains full details of the new procedure.

Download Annex B - Zhaga Logo Trademark License Agreement

Also, in Annex D of the Zhaga Testing Center Agreement, the Test Report Summary has been revised to add an option for module families.

Download Annex D - Testing Center Agreement


Modules are defined by Zhaga as being “substantially similar” if they use identical electronic components and circuitry; identical LEDs; identical phosphors, diffusers, lenses and other optically-active elements; and identical molds.