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Zhaga publishes new Edition of Book 1

Posted on Friday September 19 2014, by Tim Whitaker

The Zhaga Consortium has published Edition 1.6 of Book 1. The new edition of this Zhaga Interface Specification can be downloaded from the Book 1 page on the Zhaga website.

Compared with the previous version of Book 1, major changes include the alignment of CRI/CCT categories with the international standard IEC 62732, as well as the alignment of flux categories with IEC 62612.

Both Books 9 and 11 will be written to incorporate the changes included in Edition 1.6, and other Books are likely to adopt the changes in due course.

Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1 defines features that are common in multiple Zhaga interface specifications, such as common definitions; the mechanical interface of separated LED drivers (electronic control gear); and the generic aspects of thermal interfaces.

Book 1 is unique because it does not define the interfaces between an LED light source and an LED luminaire. The information contained in Book 1 is frequently referenced by all the other Books.

Download Book 1