White Papers

How to use Zhaga Book 13

November 2015

Zhaga has written a new specification, Book 13, defining LED drivers for use in combination with separate LED modules.

This White Paper explains the benefits of using standardized drivers, and encourages driver and luminaire manufacturers to utilize Zhaga’s new Type A and Type B form-factors for new designs.

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Homogeneity Evaluation

May 2014

This Zhaga White Paper describes methods to measure and to evaluate the look of linear and planar LED modules with discrete LEDs spread over their surface, such as LED Light Engines (LLEs) that are compliant with Zhaga Book 7.

These methods are specifically designed to compare LLEs in one idealized application, not to predict LLE appearance in any possible application. Rather, if a user has chosen a certain LED module, he can use the data gathered with the methods described here to estimate if another LED module will result in similar, higher, or lower, homogeneity in his application.

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