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Download Center

Up-to-date information, presentations and marketing materials from the Zhaga Consortium.


Download our "Introducing Zhaga" presentation for an overview of Zhaga and its activities.

Introducing Zhaga


Zhaga Consortium Agreement

Annex B (application form for regular membership)

Annex C (application form for associate membership)


Examples of different products, certified according to different Zhaga Books.

Product Gallery


A one-page summary of each of the Zhaga Books.

Book Overview

Public versions of Books

The following Books are available for public download, in various languages. Please visit the appropriate Book page.

Book 1 (English, Chinese)

Book 2 (English, Chinese)

Book 3 (English, Chinese)

Book 5 (English only)

Book 6 (English, Japanese)

Book 7 (English, Chinese)

Book 8 (English, Chinese)

Book 9 (English)

Book 11 (English)

Book 14 (English)

Book 15 (English)

Book 16 (English)

Book 17 (English)

Book development process

Learn more about how Zhaga develops new interface specifications, known as Books, without creating unnecessary and arbitrary variations. 

Specification Development Process

Testing and Certification

A presentation explaining the Zhaga product certification procedure and what the Zhaga logo means. 

Testing, Certification and Logo Trademark Licensing

The Zhaga Consortium prohibits the unlicensed use of its trademarked Logo on products and on product documentation. Members can obtain a trademark license by signing the Zhaga Logo Trademark License Agreement. 

Download file for the Zhaga Logo Trademark License agreement (version 20170920)

This Agreement licenses the Zhaga Logo for use on products that have been tested and certified to be compliant with the Zhaga specifications. It is maintained by the LLWG.

Download file for the Zhaga Logo Trademark License General Terms and Conditions (version 20170920)

To refer to the contract and general terms please go to https://members.zhagastandard.org/members/organization/llwg/

Authorized Test Labs are governed by the rules in the Zhaga Testing Center Agreement.

Testing Center Agreement (reference copy)