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Zhaga-D4i Certification Signals Plug-and-Play Interoperability

May 2019

The new Zhaga-D4i certification program and logo indicates plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes, and represents an important collaboration between two major, innovative lighting-industry organizations, Zhaga and DiiA.
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Standards promote value, says NEMA

October 2016

Industries allocate precious resources to creating standards for one reason: standards provide value. The reasons for writing standards can vary – for example safety considerations, enabling interoperability, or providing standardized information – but value is the driving force, according to an article by Kevin Connelly of NEMA.

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Zhaga gets smart: Addressing the industry need for smart lighting and standardized LED components

LED Professional Symposium, September 2016

At the heart of the Zhaga mission is the intention to remove arbitrary variation from the industry, and to restrict those parameter values that are irrelevant for differentiation or innovation and that do not add value for component manufacturers or luminaire makers.

In this paper, we discuss the foundation of the Zhaga mission, based on empirical and theoretical research in operations and supply-chain management. Additionally, we illustrate the program using the recently completed chip-on-board (COB) interface specification, and the work in progress to define a versatile interface for smart outdoor luminaires.

Section 1 - A short introduction to Zhaga

Section 2 - Zhaga aims to remove arbitrary variation

Section 3 - Reducing arbitrary variation: COB Book

Section 4 - Preventing arbitrary variation: Versatile interface for outdoor luminaires

Section 5 - Conclusions and discussion: Required levels of standardization


Zhaga meets Smart Lighting

LED Professional Mar/Apr 2016

At first glance, the standardization of LED lighting components seems to be quite remote from the rise of smart, connected lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT). But the projected growth in penetration of smart lighting can only be realized through developments in high-volume electronics and standardization. Such standardization is intended to remove arbitrary variations in components, making design and implementation easier for manufacturers of smart LED luminaires, and enabling a supplier ecosystem. This is where Zhaga comes in.

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LED Professional- Special Issue (2015)

LED Professional Sept/Oct 2015

The September/October 2015 issue of LED Professional Review features a series of technical articles written by Zhaga experts. Read or download the articles

Article list:

  • Zhaga Evolves: Focus on Component Standardization Drives New Book Development
  • Chip-on-Board LED Modules Standardized in Zhaga Book 12
  • DMI Specification Defines Electrical Interface between LED Drivers and Modules
  • Light-Emitting Surface (LES) Concept Enables Comparison of Photometric Properties
  • Zhaga Determines Thermal Fit of LED Light Engines and Luminaires

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Zhaga responds to evolving requirements of LED industry

February 2015

This article was published in NEMA's electroindustry magazine in February 2015 and gives a update on Zhaga's progress in standardizing LED components.

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Replaceable light sources and Zhaga Books

October 2014

In terms of LED light sources and Zhaga specifications, interchangeable and replaceable are two different concepts. Interchangeability applies to all Zhaga-based light sources. In contrast, luminaire makers can choose whether or not their luminaire design allows replacement of the light source, either by the end user or by qualified personnel.

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The Industry Asks – Zhaga Delivers

June 2014

In this LED Professional Review guest editorial, Musa Unmehopa describes how Zhaga is continuing to respond to the evolving needs of the lighting industry through the development of new Books and by enabling independent interchangeability of LED modules and drivers.

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Zhaga-based products: certified, compatible and compliant

April 2014

Companies have different ways of advertising that they have used the various Zhaga specifications (Books) when designing their products. This article explores the meaning of some commonly-used terms, and how these relate to Zhaga certification and the Zhaga logo.

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Zhaga interview with LEDth magazine

June 2013

In an interview conducted with New Century LED Net, a Chinese-language publication, Zhaga's Secretary-General Menno Treffers discussed issues such as whether Zhaga's specifications are complementary to Chinese regulations and standards, and how a non-compulsory specification could become widely accepted within the Chinese lighting industry.

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LED Professional - Special Issue (2012)

September/October 2012

A series of articles about Zhaga Interface Specification Book 3 were published in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of LED Professional Review magazine.

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  • Introduction to Zhaga and Zhaga's Spotlight Specification

Menno Treffers, Zhaga Consortium

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  • Key Facts on the Mechanical Properties of Book 3 Modules

Ralph Bertram, Osram, and Martin Creusen, Philips Lighting

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  • Zhaga’s Light Emitting Surface (LES) Concept and its Impact on the Light Distribution

Stefan Lorenz, Osram

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  • Criteria of the Photometric Interface of a Zhaga Compatible LED Light Engine

Horst Rudolph, Trilux

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  • The Optional Locking Ring – A Quick Connection for Zhaga’s Book 3 Modules

Matteo Raimondi, A.A.G. Stucchi

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  • Proper Thermal Interface Calculation for an Optimized Heatsink Design

Jan de Graaf, Philips Lighting, Uli Mathis, Tridonic, and Evans Thompson, Cooper Lighting

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  • Testing the Thermal Interface Power of Zhaga Book 3 Modules Correctly

Jan de Graaf, Philips Lighting, Uli Mathis, Tridonic, and Evans Thompson, Cooper Lighting

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  • Zhaga’s New Housing Strategy Simplifies Interchangeability of Electronic Control Gear

Norbert Wittig, Panasonic Lighting Europe

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