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Zhaga Speaks Twice at LuxLive 2017!

Posted on Thursday November 2 2017, by ZHAGA Consortium



Zhaga Speaks Twice at LuxLive 2017!

Zhaga are delighted to be Technical Theatre sponsors at this year’s LuxLive 2017 in London taking place on the 15th and 16th November 2017 at London Excel. Secretary General, Dee Denteneer will be speaking twice at this year’s show, within the Technical Theatre area, addressing the latest topics to face the lighting industry.

On day one of the show, Dee will present ‘Zhaga interfaces to your lighting future’ discussing the opportunities brought about by growth of the Internet-of-Things and the service economy. As a global industry consortium, Zhaga addresses these opportunities by delivering interface specifications for truly interoperable components. During this talk, Zhaga’s Secretary General, Dee Denteneer, will discuss how compliant components constitute the basis for future proof luminaires, and an entry ticket to IoT and service based businesses.

Day two will see Dee discuss ‘Future proof connected lighting through Zhaga interfaces’. The new Zhaga mission offers support and solutions for the large-scale penetration of connected lighting, which also addresses the growing demands for Smart City Lighting. During this talk, Zhaga’s Secretary General, Dee Denteneer will discuss how future proofing interfaces will offer optimum opportunity for the future, whilst also offering a deeper understanding into the new Zhaga specifications including a small, standardised connectivity interface for outdoor luminaires.

You can catch Zhaga’s speaker sessions on Wednesday 15th November at 4pm, or on Thursday 16th November at 12pm in the LuxLive Technical Theatre. For further information please visit http://luxlive.co.uk/tech-theatre-1-2/.