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Zhaga Books 14, 15 and 16 approved for use by Zhaga members

Posted on Thursday January 26 2017, by Zhaga

Press Release from the Zhaga Consortium

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The latest specifications approved by the Zhaga Consortium cover linear, socketed light engines, rectangular LED modules for use with lenses, and circular LED light engines with on-board drivers.

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing components of LED luminaires, has finalized three new specifications that cover different types of LED modules and LED light engines (LLEs). 

The specifications – designated Zhaga Book 14, Book 15 and Book 16 – define components including linear, flat, socketed LLEs; rectangular LED modules for use in combination with lens arrays; and planar, circular LLEs.

The full specifications are currently available to Zhaga members only. Details of all Zhaga Books can be found on the Zhaga website at: www.zhagastandard.org/books/overview.

Book 14: Linear socketed LLEs

Book 14 defines a family of socketed, linear LLEs that are suitable for low-profile indoor lighting applications. The LLEs have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. The contact caps and contact holders have keys that match specific electrical characteristics of the LLEs.

Three LLE categories are defined, with different LLE lengths. The LLEs have an integrated driver, while a related family of LED modules requiring a separate driver will be defined in a later Edition of Book 14.

Book 15: LED modules for lens arrays

Book 15 defines a family of rectangular LED modules that are intended to be used with lenses or arrays of lenses (also known as lens plates). The modules require a separate LED driver, and usually will be mounted on a heat sink.

The specification defines several attributes of the LED modules, to enable accurate alignment with the lenses, but the lenses themselves are not defined in this specification. Book 15 modules with lenses are typically used for outdoor lighting applications, including roadway, pathway and outdoor-area lighting. 

Book 16: Planar, circular LLEs

Book 16 defines a family of planar, circular LLEs with an integrated (on-board) driver. Such LLEs are especially suited for use in flat, circular, low-luminance applications. Book 16 has five LLE categories, defined by their maximum diameter. Two more sub-categories allow easy mounting in existing luminaires.

Book 16 defines the position of the mounting holes, but does not restrict the position of the LEDs, connectors or driver components. The maximum LLE height is very low, such that disc-shaped luminaires are a prominent application.

About Zhaga

Zhaga is a global lighting-industry consortium that is standardizing components of LED luminaires, including LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers) and connectivity fit systems. This helps to streamline the LED lighting supply chain, and to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing.

Zhaga operates a certification program that incorporates third-party product testing. Details of the labs that are approved to carry out testing for each Book are listed on our Test Labs page.


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Marketing Communications, Zhaga Consortium
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