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Co-creating a new standard for smart street lighting; an alternative to the ANSI NEMA dimming receptacle

Join Zhaga for a public webinar presentation on Thursday 18 February, 2016

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The global market for street lights (~300M pcs) is currently undergoing a major transition during which the (conventional) installed base is being replaced by LED-based light sources. In parallel, control functions are being added to further improve the efficiency, maintenance and running cost.

The ANSI C136.41 (“NEMA”) standard, originally designed for electric arc lighting sources, already enables external locking of (photo) control modules, but has some inherent shortcomings which limits potential new applications.

A new specification

The Zhaga Consortium invites you to join our webinar on Thursday 18th February that will discuss a new specification proposal entitled “Versatile connector for outdoor luminaires.”

The proposed specification aims to define a luminaire interface that can hold a range of sensor and connectivity functions. Such an interface will enable intelligent, easily-upgradeable luminaires, in turn helping to facilitate the global smart luminaire market.

Zhaga has received this proposal from Philips and TE Connectivity, two of its member companies, who will jointly present the webinar.

Your input is requested

The purpose of the webinar is to inform stakeholders about the proposal at an early stage, and to request input and feedback from all parties, both inside and outside Zhaga.

The webinar offers an opportunity to contribute to this proposal and to share requirements, ensuring that the specification matches the needs of the market.


  • Welcome and Introduction

Zhaga Consortium

  • Need for upgradeable, intelligent luminaires
  • System architecture

Martin Creusen, Philips Lighting

  • Existing standards for connectors
  • New connector proposal

Jonathan Catchpole, TE Connectivity

  • Next steps and Q&A
Zhaga Consortium