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The Module-Driver interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) is a global lighting-industry consortium which has published a specification for a standardized, multi-vendor electrical interface between LED drivers (control gear) and LED modules.

MD-SIG and Zhaga are separate organizations. Please see the MD-SIG website for up-to-date information.


LEDset1 Information Interface Specification (Edition 1.0, June, 2015) can be downloaded from the MD-SIG website.

MD-SIG specifications


DMI 规范定义 LED 驱动器和模块之间的电气接口


要使 LED 模块和 LED 驱动器在组件级别可以完全互换,需要定义驱动器和模块 (DMI) 之间的电气接口。来自同为 Zhaga 国际联盟和 MD-SIG 会员的 OSRAM GmbH 的 Arnulf Rupp 介绍了这两个组织在开发和实施一致的、易于使用的跨供应商 DMI 规范中所起的作用。

MD-SIG and Zhaga sign liaison agreement

Zhaga 新闻: 2015年10月19日

Zhaga and MD-SIG will provide each other with regular updates on their activities and progress.