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Zhaga 意识到,将自己的活动与其他产业集群、贸易组织、标准开发组织 (SDO) 和政府机构的活动相协调将形成巨大的优势。

有鉴于此,Zhaga 国际联盟与全球照明产业的多个组织签署了结盟协议。

GLA (Global Lighting Association)

The Global Lighting Association (GLA) is a grouping of national and regional lighting associations, and represents over 5,000 lighting manufacturers with total annual sales of US$50 billion.

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AGID (Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturers Association)

Based in Istanbul, the Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturers Association (AGID) was established in 1997 by 19 manufacturing companies of lighting fixtures and components.

GSC (Guangdong Solid-State Lighting Industry Innovation Center)

GSC is a non-profit social organization invested and founded jointly by the scientific research institutions, listed enterprises and the leading enterprises of semiconductor lighting within the province under the sponsorship of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province and the participation of related state departments. GSC initiates the formulation of the specifications for LED standard optical component system and creates the standard system of industrial middleware of LED industrial chain to achieve the industrial compatibility and interchangeable use in the LED industry.

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a non-profit research institute based in Taiwan.

TLFEA (Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association)

The Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA) comprise numerous manufacturers in the supply chain, approximately 800 manufacturers in total.

The objective of TLFEA is to promote international trade; to advance economy development; to coordinate the relation in lighting industry; and to further the common interest.

TLFEA actively participates in international lighting organizations such as the Global Lighting Association, CIE and Zhaga to enhance its global effectiveness. The TLFEA allies with lighting trade associations around the world and strengthen international exchange, to make members more competitive in global market.

TLLIA (Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association)

The Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association (TLLIA) was established on December 24, 2012, by more than 30 Taiwanese LED manufacturers and aims at facilitating information exchange among member firms and offering suggestions to the government regarding the industry.

TEAS (Technical Evaluation Alliance for Solid State Lighting)

The Technical Evaluation Alliance for Solid State Lighting (TEAS) is a lighting-industry organization based in Beijing, China.

TEAS creates evaluation methodology that enables the full-scale quality evaluation of solid-state lighting (SSL). The organization also creates classification and interface standards for SSL that enable interchangeability in lighting functions and installation.

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