Book 6

Zhaga Interface Specification Book 6 defines the interfaces of a socketable, circular LED light engine (LLE) with an integrated LED driver (electronic control gear).

The LLE has nominal dimensions of 90 mm diameter and 42 mm height, and has a GH76p base.

The socketable Book 6 LLE fits into a holder, which has a diameter that does not exceed the diameter of the LLE itself. This enables compact luminaire designs.

Book 6 LLEs are applicable for downlights, pendant luminaires, and wall-mounted and recessed luminaries.

Publication status

Public downloads are available (Edition 1.3, February 2014):

Download Book 6 (English)

Download Book 6 (Japanese)

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Certified products

Zhaga members can certify products according to this Book, using various Authorized Test Labs.

Products that are certified according to each Book are listed in the Certified Products database.

Specification details

Please download the following PDF file for an overview of Book 6:

Overview of Zhaga Book 6

This Book must be read together with Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1.