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Book 20:

Indoor connectivity interface for smart luminaires

Book 20 marks Zhaga’s second contribution to the rapidly-emerging world of smart lighting, by describing an interface for smart indoor luminaires. 

Book 20 will define a standardized interface between an indoor LED luminaire and a sensing/communication module that can be mounted on the surface of the luminaire. The module connects to the LED driver and control system, and typically provides sensory inputs and/or wireless communication to ingrate the luminaires into a network.

The Zhaga specification will define an interface that allows a compatible sensing/communication module to be easily removed and replaced or initially assembled in the field to make existing luminaires smart.

The mechanical interface specification will cover different form factors for modules, thus enabling flexible, but still standardized designs. Additionally, an electrical connection system will be defined, a reference will be made to established data protocols and a minimum feature-set will be defined. This will allow the luminaire to be upgraded easily via the addition of new smart capabilities provided by the module.

Note that Book 20 will define the luminaire-module interface, but will not define the capabilities of the module.