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Book 18:

Smart interface between outdoor luminaires and sensing/communication modules

Zhaga Book 18 Edition 2.0 describes a smart interface between outdoor luminaires and sensing/communication modules. It specifies power and communication aspects in addition to the mechanical fit and electrical pins for a connectivity system as defined in Edition 1.0.
The Zhaga Consortium and the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance have unveiled their joint Zhaga-D4i certification program which allows qualifying luminaires and modules to carry the Zhaga and the D4i logo. Zhaga Book 18 Ed 2.0 allows any certified module to operate with any certified luminaire. Certified luminaires and sensing/communication modules are available from multiple suppliers, establishing an ecosystem of compatible products.
Zhaga-D4i certification ensures that luminaires are future-proof and will be able to host the latest generation of modules that fulfill the Zhaga-D4i requirements.
The book simplifies the addition of application modules such as sensors and communication modules to LED luminaires. By assuring plug-and-play interoperability, the entire value chain benefits. It reduces complexity and adds value for the luminaire maker, installer and the specifier.