Book 18:

Outdoor connectivity interface for smart luminaires

By describing a connectivity fit system for smart outdoor luminaires, Book 18 marks Zhaga’s first contribution to the rapidly-emerging world of smart lighting.

Book 18 will define a standardized interface between an outdoor LED luminaire and a sensing/communication module that sits on the outside of the luminaire. The module connects to the LED driver and control system, and typically can provide sensory inputs while also communicating with other luminaires in a network.

The Zhaga specification will include a socketed receptacle that allows a compatible sensing/communication module to be easily removed and replaced. This will allow the luminaire to be upgraded easily via the addition of new smart capabilities to the module. Note that Book 18 will define the luminaire-module interface, but will not define the capabilities of the module.

Preliminary details and background information was presented in a public webinar in early 2016. A video of the webinar and the presentation materials are available (see box, right).


Book 18 was approved by the General Assembly. It will be published in due course.

Companies are invited to participate in the development of this Zhaga specification. Please contact Zhaga’s Secretary General for more information.