Book 16:

Planar, circular LED light engines with integrated driver

Book 16 defines a family of planar, circular LED light engines (LLEs) with an integrated driver. Such LLEs are especially suited for use in flat, circular, low-luminance applications.

Book 16 has five LLE categories, defined by their maximum diameter. Two more sub-categories allow easy mounting in existing luminaires.

Category Maxiumum LLE diameter No. mounting holes
D13 130 mm 3
D18 180 mm 3
D25 (A and B) 250 mm 4
D35 (A and B) 350 mm 3 or 4
D50 500 mm 4



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Public downloads are available:

→ Download Book 16 (English) - Edition 1.0, December 2016

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This Book must be read together with Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1.

More details

The maximum LLE height is very low, such that disc-shaped luminaires are a prominent application.

As luminance and power density is low, thermal management is easy. A dedicated heat sink is often not necessary.

The light-emitting surface (LES) is not specified. Most LLEs are expected to have a distributed LES on top of the LLE.