Book 11:

35-mm diameter spot LED modules

Please note that Book 11 has now been superseded by Book 10, the combined spot module Book. New products should be designed and certified using Book 10.

Book 11

Zhaga Interface Specification Book 11 defines circular LED modules with a maximum diameter of 35 mm and a typical height of 3.5 mm.

Book 11 LED modules require a separate LED driver (electronic control gear).

There are three categories in Book 11, which are defined by the maximum diameter of the circular light-emitting surface (LES).

Book 11 modules are suitable for spot-lighting and other applications that benefit from a small, circular source.

Publication status

Public downloads are available:

Download Book 11 (English) - Edition 1.1, September 2016

Download Book 11 (Chinese) - Edition 1.0, July 2015

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More Details

News item (Sept 2015): Zhaga publishes Book 11 specification for small LED spotlight modules

Book 11 has several important features:

  • It is part of a scaled family of LED modules (see below)
  • It is the first Zhaga Book to describe an LED module only, rather than a complete LED light engine
  • It is the first Zhaga Book to contain a reference to the LEDset specification for DMI

Specification details

This Book must be read together with Zhaga Interface Specification Book 1.

LED module dimensions



diameter (mm)

Screw-hole separation

distance (mm)


height (mm)

Book 11 35 25 3.5
Book 3 50 35 7.2

Light-emitting surface (LES) categories

LES category

Minimum LES

diameter (mm)

Maximum LES

diameter (mm)

LES 6.3 >4.5 6.3
LES 9 > 6.3 9.0
LES 13.5 > 9.0 13.5