Zhaga Books

Zhaga is creating a set of Interface Specifications, known as Books, which define the conditions necessary for interchangeability. Each Book defines an LED light engine and/or associated components by means of the mechanical, photometric, electrical, thermal, and control interfaces of the product to its environment.


An introduction to the different Zhaga Books, their current status and their similarities and differences.

Overview of the different Zhaga Books

Certification & Testing

Products are eligible for Zhaga certification after they have been tested by Authorized Test Labs. Testing confirms that the products are compliant with the appropriate Zhaga Book.

Certified products are the only products that are entitled to carry the Zhaga logo.

More information on Certification & Testing

Book Development

Zhaga has already developed specifications for a range of light-engine types, since the lighting industry requires a range of form factors for different applications.

In developing new Books, Zhaga looks at the industry's requirements for alternative light-source categories, but also avoids the development of too many light sources with arbitrary variations. 

More information on Book Development