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The procedure to become a member of Zhaga is outlined below:

Step 1:

Download the Zhaga Consortium Agreement and decide whether your company agrees with the document's terms.
Zhaga Consortium Agreement

Step 2:

Fill in Annex A (for Regular membership) and have the form signed by an appropriate authority on behalf of your company
Annex A (application form for regular membership)

Step 3:

Send two paper copies with original signatures, by courier service, to:

The Zhaga Consortium
c/o IEEE-ISTO, attn. Rosalinda Saravia
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA
Email: administrator@zhagastandard.org
Tel: +1-732-562-5404

Step 4:

Zhaga's adminstrator will countersign the membership application, provided it is correctly filled in, and return one of the paper copies with original signatures. Your company is now a member of Zhaga.
As a member you will be able to download the memberschip logo. The guidelines for the use of the membership logo can be found here

Step 5:

IEEE-ISTO, the financial administrator of Zhaga, will send you an invoice for the membership fee.

The membership fee is:

  • Regular Members: €10,000.00 per year

The first-year membership fee depends on the month of joining Zhaga, as shown below:

Month of joining Zhaga Regular Members
January €10,000.00
February €9,166.67
March €8,333.34
April €7,500.00
May €6,666.67
June €5,833.34
July €5,000.00
August €4,166.67
September €3,333.34
October €2,500.00
November €2,500.00
December €2,500.00