Zhaga Interface Specifications

Zhaga's role is to develop and publish interface specifications that define the interfaces - mechanical, thermal, photometric, electrical and control - between LED light engines and LED luminaires. 

The individual specification documents, known as Books, cover different types of LED light engines (LLEs) that are suitable for a range of applications.

Zhaga Books


The main features of each Zhaga Book are summarized in the following presentation: Overview of Zhaga Books

Individual specifications

  • Book 1 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 2 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 3 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 4 -- Approved
  • Book 5 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 6 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 7 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 8 -- Approved and available for public download
  • Book 9 -- In development
  • Book 10-- In development
  • Book 11-- In development

Overview of Zhaga specifications

Overview of Zhaga Books

Overview of Books approved by the Zhaga Consortium

Certification and testing

Zhaga-certified products can be identified by the Zhaga logo. Only certified products, which are listed in the online Certified Products database, are allowed to carry the Zhaga logo.

Read more about Zhaga's testing and certification process

Specification development process

The Zhaga consortium has defined a process for developing interface specifications with the aim of building consensus quickly and developing the specifications efficiently.

Learn more about Zhaga's process for developing new Books

Publication of Zhaga Books

Each Book starts its life as confidential document, available only to members of the Zhaga Consortium. However, Zhaga will publish each Book once certification is available for this specification, and once the first certified products are available on the market.

Download Books

Several Zhaga interface specifications are now available for public download. Follow these links to download the individual Books:

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

Book 8

What is a Light Engine?

An LED light engine is a combination of an LED module and the associated control gear.
Zhaga treats LED light engines as a black box, with defined interfaces that do not depend on the type of LED technology used inside the light engine.
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What is an Interface Spec?

Zhaga specifies the interfaces between an LED luminaire and an LED light engine. A good interface specification should not unnecessarily restrict the design of the light engine, or the design of the luminaire. It should allow innovation inside the light engine while keeping the interaction with the luminaire stable.
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