Certified Products

Zhaga-certified products – the only products entitled to display the Zhaga logo – are now available on the commercial market.

The database below shows all the Zhaga-certified products, and Zhaga updates the list as soon as new products are certified.

Examples of different products, certified according to different Zhaga Books, can be found in our Product Gallery

Certified Products Database

Products that are not listed in this database have not been certified according to the relevant Zhaga specifications, and are not authorized to carry the Zhaga logo.

You can filter the list in several ways, for example by entering the product name (in full or part), the brand name, or the product type number.

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Product NameBrand NameType NumberDate of registration
LED-LokIDEAL852Apr 14, 2014
LED-LokIDEAL851Apr 14, 2014
HOLDER FOR GH76p-2 LLEA.A.G. STUCCHI7200/p2Apr 7, 2014
HOLDER FOR GH76p-1 LLEA.A.G. STUCCHI7200/p1Apr 7, 2014
PrevaLED Core® PL-CORE-3000-840-Z4OSRAM GmbH4052899915299Mar 28, 2014
PrevaLED Core® PL-CORE-3000-835-Z4OSRAM GmbH4052899915282Mar 28, 2014
PrevaLED Core® PL-CORE-3000-830-Z4OSRAM GmbH4052899915275Mar 28, 2014
PrevaLED Core® PL-CORE-3000-827-Z4OSRAM GmbH4052899915268Mar 28, 2014
LED lamp holder GH76p-5BJB GmbH & Co KG28.301.1005Mar 26, 2014
LED lamp holder GH76p-2BJB GmbH & Co KG28.301.1002Mar 26, 2014
Compatible? Compliant?

Companies have different ways of advertising that they have used the various Zhaga specifications (Books) when designing their products.

Our article explores the meaning of some commonly-used terms, and how these relate to Zhaga certification and the Zhaga logo.

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Product Gallery

Download a presentation showing different types of Zhaga-certified products from different manufacturers. 

Product Gallery

Testing and Certification

Zhaga members may use the Zhaga logo on LED light engines, LED luminaires, LED modules, LED control gear (drivers), and lamp holders.

What does it take to be allowed to use the Zhaga logo on a product?

Our presentation provides the answers:

Testing, Certification, and Licensing of the Zhaga Logo