Books 3 and 11: Spotlight module family

Zhaga Books 3 and 11 comprise a family of circular LED modules of different sizes, which are suitable for spotlighting and related applications.

The LED modules operate with a separate LED driver (electronic control gear). They are typically fixed to a heat sink using screws. The light output is essentially Lambertian to enable the luminaire optics to shape the application’s desired light distribution from a defined input.

The different Books describe modules with different outer diameters. Within each Book, there is a range of categories based on the diameter of the light-emittng surface (LES). Details are given in the Tables below. 

Spot modules can be constructed using a COB LED array with the correct LES diameter, in combination with a circular COB holder. 


Book 3 - published and available for public download 

Book 11 - published and available for public download 

Specification details

LED module dimensions



diameter (mm)

Screw-hole separation

distance (mm)


height (mm)

Book 11 35 25 3.5
Book 3 50 35 7.2

Light-emitting surface (LES) categories

LES category

Minimum LES

diameter (mm)

Maximum LES

diameter (mm)

Book 11 Book 3
LES 6.3 >4.5 6.3 X  
LES 9 > 6.3 9.0 X X
LES 13.5 > 9.0 13.5 X X
LES 19 > 13.5 19.0   X
LES 23 > 19 23   X
LES 30 >23 30    
LES 40 >30 40