Book 14:

Socketable linear LED light engines

Book 14 defines a family of ultra-slim, linear LED light engines (LLEs) that are suitable for low-profile linear lighting.

By definition, the LLEs contain an integrated driver.

The LLEs have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. One end of the LLE has a contact cap, which fits into the corresponding contact holder in the luminaire, while the other end has a support cap and support holder.

The intended application is in free air (i.e. the holders are not surrounded by a luminaire body), or in a luminaire that does not introduce a significant temperature increase.

There are three LLE categories in Book 14, as shown in the Table. Zhaga defines the maximum outline of the LLE, the position of the support cap and contact cap in the LLE, and the position of the support holder and contact holder in the luminaire.

Category Max. LLE length (mm)
L60W5 565
L120W5 1166
L150W5 1466

The LLEs have a maximum height of 35 mm and a maximum width of 50 mm, although much flatter and narrower LLEs are possible.

Like most Zhaga specifications, Book 14 does not restrict features such as the position, type and performance of the LEDs used inside the LLE. However, manufacturers will need to measure and report a specified set of data for each LLE product.


Book 14 is currently at the draft stage. Once it has been approved for use by Zhaga members, it will then be published in due course.

Companies are invited to participate in the development of this Zhaga specification. Please contact Zhaga’s Secretary General for more information.

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