Book 13 – LED Drivers

Zhaga Book 13 defines the interface specifications of LED drivers (also known as electronic control gear, or ECG) that can be used in combination with a wide range of non-integrated LED modules. 

To enable the interchangeability of LED drivers, Zhaga Book 13 specifies their mechanical dimensions and provides a reference to a standardized electrical interface between the driver and the LED module.

Drivers typically can be used in multiple applications to supply power to different LED module types. Similarly, an LED module typically can be used with different drivers.

Publication status

Public downloads are available:

Download Book 13 (English) - Edition 1.0, November 2015

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Mechanical interface

Zhaga Book 13 clearly specifies the mechanical dimensions of LED drivers, including the maximum outer dimensions, or demarcation, and the fixing points, which are defined within a certain tolerance.

To serve all applications, Zhaga has defined several basic driver form-factors. Taking into account the specific dimensions per form-factor, Book 13 lists a total of 78 categories of driver.

In Book 13, Zhaga has defined two new sets of LED drivers with standardized dimensions, known as Type A and Type B. There are 13 size categories for the Type A form-factor and 14 for Type B. Zhaga expects these Type A and Type B form-factors to be used for the design of new luminaires and LED drivers.

Zhaga has also included in Book 13 a broad range of common driver types that are in common use in the industry. The inclusion of these driver types should enable luminaire manufacturers and control-gear manufacturers to implement a smooth transition to the new A and B types.

Electrical interface

In order to enable independent interchangeability of LED modules and drivers, it is essential to specify the electrical interface between the driver and the module. Rather than specify this interface directly, Zhaga Book 13 uses references to existing specifications.

Currently, the only specification referenced in Zhaga Book 13 Edition 1.0 is the “LEDset1 Information Interface Specification” written by the Module-Driver interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG).

MD-SIG and Zhaga are separate organizations. More information on MD-SIG

Edition 1.1 of Book 13 will also include a mandatory reference to the "LEDset Power Interface Specification" from MD-SIG. This specification is a standardized way to describe the driver's power window.