Zhaga's Vision and Mission

Zhaga's member companies are cooperating in the development of global specifications for interchangeable LED light sources. Membership of Zhaga is open to any companies that are willing to contribute to Zhaga's Vision and Mission:

Our Vision

  • The Zhaga Consortium is an industry-wide cooperation that will enable the interchangeability of LED light sources.
  • Zhaga will accelerate the adoption of LED lighting solutions in the marketplace.
  • Zhaga members will actively share their experiences and work closely together to increase customer confidence in specifying and purchasing interchangeable LED light engines.
  • Zhaga-compliant products will be commercially available from multiple suppliers, and will be able to continuously benefit from the performance upgrades that LED technology brings.

Our Mission

The mission of the Zhaga Consortium is:

  • To develop interface specifications that cover the physical dimensions, as well as the photometric, electrical and thermal behavior, of LED light engines.
  • To ensure that Zhaga-compliant products are upgradeable, future proof and suitable for all global markets.
  • To make Zhaga-certified products easily identifiable and traceable.
  • To promote the use and benefits of Zhaga-compliant LED light engines for all applications in general lighting.