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The Zhaga Consortium is developing specifications that enable the interchangeability of LED light sources made by multiple different manufacturers. The Zhaga specifications, known as Books, describe the interfaces between LED luminaires and LED light engines.

Zhaga's members include hundreds of companies from throughout the global lighting industry. Members sign a consortium agreement that defines rules regarding confidentiality, intellectual property and decision making.

Introducing Zhaga

Zhaga's Interchangeability video provides an introduction to Zhaga and interchangeable LED light sources. 

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Zhaga Members

Zhaga is an industry-wide collaboration between companies from across the globe. Hundreds of companies have joined Zhaga. Members include luminaire manufacturers, LED module makers, material and lighting component suppliers as well as service providers such as test laboratories.

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Vision & Mission


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Liaisons & Partners

The Zhaga Consortium has signed liaison agreements with a number of organizations in the global lighting industry.

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How to join Zhaga

Membership of Zhaga is open to any company that is willing to work towards Zhaga's vision and mission. Companies can join Zhaga either as a Regular Member or as an Associate Member.

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Benefits of joining Zhaga

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